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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit an Entry which I was working on before the contest started?

One of the aims of the contest is to encourage people to take brilliant ideas which they have been "just thinking about", and actively turn them into something the Community can use immediately. But please note the Rules state the judges will consider "community participation in developing the Entry". This will be easier to demonstrate if the Entry has been developed from start to finish within the Contest Dates.

Must the Entry be a completely finished product?

The Rules state the judges will consider "the extent to which the Entry provides utility to the Community". An Entry which is a finished product is likely to be of more immediate use than one which is at the concept stage or only partially developed.

Why have you restricted Entries to certain countries?

People anywhere in the world - with the exception of the six 'Void Territories' - may enter the competition "to receive public recognition by the Program Committee for their work in the form of a public declaration that the Entry is deserving of an award under the Judging Criteria". However, for legal or other reasons, Sun Microsystems is only able to pay cash awards to entrants from the list of "Prize Eligile Territories".

Can I use third-party libraries in the implementation of my project?

The Rules state "all work must abide by's license scheme". Required system or other 3rd-party libraries can be used if accepted according to the process for external sources (see

The rules say I need to be a member of project. If I'm "more" than a member, i.e. a contributor (e.g. I have signed the JCA), is that a problem?

No - you are still a member of the Community.

I have a question which isn't answered here - what should I do?

If you have any questions about the procedure or process send them to For questions relating to your work, confer with your project colleagues.

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