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The Community Innovation Program Awards Committee is pleased to announce the winners of this year's contest. We were impressed by the quality of the submissions and by the work demonstrated, and on behalf of the Community, look forward to working with the Entrants.

There were four award levels, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Honourable Mention. We heartily congratulate everyone who won! We have only named the team leaders here and regret that we were unable to fully name all the team members at the time of this announcement but in the coming week will strive to publish brief interviews and photos of the winners. We will also try to keep interest going in the work done. Finally, we hope that the successes demonstrated here by the contestants (and there were many) will excite other groups to participate in the next competition. The monetary reward is significant, but we believe that the real beneficiary is the Community: We all benefit from the work done in this program.

We describe the proces used below, and for each category state how much cash, in US dollars, each winner was awarded by Sun Microsystems, out of the USD $175,000 allotted (The Committee adjusted the sums to be given so those in the Gold/Silver/Bronze categories won more money than otherwise stipulated.) A table listing winners is at

A full description of the rules can be found at

The Winners

(Links to all the projects will be added.)


Each will receive USD $13,750


Each will receive USD $6,875.00


Each will receive USD 4,583.00

Honourable Mention

These (one is not eligible for a cash award) will each receive USD $3,333.00
* Not eligible for cash award.


The Program Committee followed the provisions of the Program Rules. We attended to the evaluations of the Project Leads and also looked to community participation and the ways in which the Entry benefited the Community. In allotting prize money, at our discretion we granted the Gold, Silver, Bronze winners more than was specified in the Rules, as the work done merited it.

There were six categories of interest.

Entrants were required to submit their work according to the category of their interest, and could only submit an entry to one category. Our judgment criteria were:

We congratulate the winners and firmly believe that this contest has strengthened the Community and extended its reach. We anticipate that in subsequent years, we will see yet more interesting and ambitious work.

- The Program Committee

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