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What Is the Solver?

Last updated 2001-12-20

-Rüdiger Timm

Solver is the global output tree.

Each module has an own, local output tree, where all "results" produced by dmake are located. Things used by other modules (headers, libraries, ...) get delivered to a global output tree called solver. If module B needs a header from module A, it will find it on solver. solver also contains some tools needed during build process.

What is the solver tarball good for? In case you are building completely, you don't need solver. You just create it for yourself during bootstrap and building. The big advantage of solver is that it enables you to work on a subset of modules. For example, if you want to change something for the spreadsheet application, you may check out module sc, do your hacks, download solver and compile module sc using the downloaded solver. You don't have to compile the bunch of modules sc depends on, everything you need is contained in solver. After compiling your changes copy the resulting library into your existing installation, or check out module instset and build your own installation set.

Solver tarballs are linked from the release specific source download page.

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