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Term Definition
API Application Programming Interface.
AWT Abstract Window Toolkit.
CDF Channel Definition Format.
CHAOS Common Hierarchical Access Object System. This is now known as UCB (Universal Content Broker).
compatible modification A modification where the modified files are compatible in a binary sense. The updated files do not require complete recompilation.
CVS Concurrent Version System, the source control system that the project uses.
CVS module See module.
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
dependency When a module must be built before another module is built, a dependency exists between the two modules. For example, the offmgr module must be built before the sw module, so sw depends on offmgr.

The dependencies between modules mean that the build must run in a particular order.

FontMetrics A Java class that defines a font metrics object, which contains information about the rendering of a particular font on a particular screen.
full build This is a full build of StarOffice, respecting the dependencies between modules.

A weekly build of StarOffice. Release Engineering in Sun uses powerful hardware to build StarOffice and perform a full build once a week. Each module delivers shared headers, shared libraries, and binaries to a collection directory called solver, under the root directory. When the full build is complete, Release Engineering makes the latest solver available to all developers as a tarball.

Each week the source code is tagged with a new build number, incremented by one from the previous number.

IDL Interface Definition Language.
incompatible modification A modification that is not compatible, in a binary sense, with the last full build. The updated files require a complete recompilation.
JNI Java Native Invocation.
milestone build A regular build of the office suite. This build is assigned a milestone number, and it is uploaded to the Downloading Stable Build/Source page.
MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.
minor update An update where complete recompilation is not required, but where all sources and output are copied into a separate workspace. These workspaces are identified with the characters a-z.
module An application, function, or simply a summary of classes. A module builds a particular component of the office suite. For example, the sw module builds the Word Processing application.

A module is the smallest unit that you can build.

output tree This is a directory structure that the build process populates with all the files necessary to build. The output tree is solver.
PCL Printer Control Language. A document description language used by Hewlett-Packard Laserjet printers.
platform A combination of a hardware architecture, a compiler, and an operating system.
project A logical grouping of modules. For example, the XML Office project includes the xmloff and sax modules.
repository The location where CVS stores its work files.
respin build This is a build that ignores the dependencies between modules. Ignoring dependencies allows you to, for example, modify a base library header file without needing to perform a full build. See also compatible modification.
SAL System Abstraction Layer.
SAX Simple API for XML.
solver milestone build See milestone build.
source tree This is a directory structure that stores all of the source code for the project.
STL Standard Template Library.
stub A module file that has no function other than to replace functionality that cannot be provided by the project. For example, the xprinter_stub module is a stub for the XPrinter functions that are not open source.
top-level update All the source is checked out by its top-level revision and then built. This build is always an incompatible build.
UCB Universal Content Broker. This was formerly known as the Common Hierarchical Access Object System (CHAOS).
UDK UNO Developer Kit.
UNO Universal Network Objects.
VCL Visual Class Library.
VOS Virtual Operating System.
workspace The area where all sources are available for building a project is called workspace.
XML Extensible Markup Language.

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