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Documentation Conventions

The following conventions are used in the build documents on this site:

Convention Description
boldface type Boldface type indicates an item that is contained in the glossary.
monospace type Monospace type indicates the following:
  • Filenames
  • Macros
  • CVS module names
  • Tools
monospace, bold type Monospace bold type indicates user input on a command line.
% Represents a Linux or Solaris system prompt, regardless of what the current shell is.
C:\> Represents a Win32 command prompt.
italic type

Italic type indicates a variable value where you enter a value appropriate to your circumstances. The following example indicates to change directory to the module that you want to work on:

% cd module-name

Italic type also indicates complete titles of manuals and emphasized text.

UPPERCASE Uppercase letters indicate abbreviations of known entities such as JDK.

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