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LinuxTag 2005

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From June 22nd until June 25th, 2005 the germanophone project was representing OpenOffice.org on the LinuxTag in Karlsruhe. The following persons were at the booth (in alphabetical order)

and additionally as guests Eric Bachard and Florian Heckl as representatives of the Mac developers plus Aiet Kolkhi, lead of the Georgian native-lang project. We showed the visitiors of the exhibition the actual milestone m109 of OpenOffice.org and answered questions around OpenOffice.org. Our presentation was completed with different lectures and workshops, e. g. "Automation of OpenOffice.org with macros" held by Thomas Krumbein, "Major innovations in OpenOffice.org 2.0" held by Jacqueline Rahemipour and "Using forms with OpenOffice.org" held by André Schnabel. Additionally, there were two workshops "Introduction to IssueZilla" and "QA and OpenOffice.org", both held by André Schnabel.

We would like to thank for the numerous positive feedback, which we received from users and service providers. To us, the LinuxTag 2005 was a great success, not least of the many interesting talks with the visitors of the exhibition.

We would like to thank LinuxTag e.V. for the friendly invitation and the support at the LinuxTag, natural computing GmbH for providing the needed hardware and last, but not least the Linux Verband for the friendly support and the daily invitation to the community breakfast every morning. An extra thank-you to the organizers of the social event, a really excellent "Get Together" for service providers and community, which took place in the Café Nancy this year.

The slides of the different lectures can you download here. Some selected photos of our presention on the LinuxTag 2005 you'll find here.

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