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Release Notes, SourceCast 1.1.1

-Louis Suarez-Potts

Last updated 2001 November 19


The infrastructure was upgraded Monday to SourceCast 1.1.1 from SourceCast 1.08. The upgrade fixes several minor issues and adds some functionality, but the emphasis has been on improving the user interface. SourceCast has now also been proved against Mozilla and Konqueror as well as Netscape and Internet Explorer for both Mac OS (9.x and X) and Windows.

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Release Notes

Supported Environments and Browsers

SourceCast has been tested against the following browser environments:

Supported CVS GUI Environment Clients

SourceCast supports the following CVS GUI environment clients:

Windows NT 4.0 and 2000
GNU WinCVS 1.2

Mac OS 9.1 and X

Updates and Improvements

CVS version update


Issue Tracking

Known Issues

CVS Module

Issue Tracking (IssueZilla)



Project Documents

  • When a file is being uploaded to the Project Documentation section, if another file of the same name already exists, the existing file gets deleted and the new file is not uploaded, resulting in neither file being saved to the server.

Project News

  • News items with links in the headline truncate anything beyond the link.
    • Workaround: Users should not add links into News headlines.
  • Users without permission to delete files in the Project Document section can access the Document Delete pages. However, when the user attempts to delete a document or folder, the user is given a redirect error message and the file or folder is not deleted.
  • Suggested documents in the top section cannot be approved.
    • Workaround: Users should suggest documents in subsections only.

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