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The site is undergoing a major overhaul!

We are working hard at a new workflow, that involves translators more directly in the release process. This site plays a major role in the new workflow, so please accept our apologies for the state of the site.

How to join and become a volunteer

Being a volunteer

All volunteers are different, people with different skills and different levels of commitment/time to spare. This site is dedicated to people interested in localization. For other possibilities please see: Apache OpenOffice site

You can become a member of the l10n project by first: Sign up for localization mailing list then present yourself and what you would like to do on: mail list and we will give you more information, and help. Please remember no help is too small! We maintain a list of volunteers where you can sign up just click on “Sign Up” top right to create an account. Then you will be able to edit the page. The native language files are here, get your language in the form of a tar.bz2 archive. You will need to uncompress the archive: you can use 7-Zip to do so. It contains 276 files in many directories, but you only need to work on those that have changed. You will need to open all of them (and edit if needed) with POEdit; try this step and then we will be available to help you again if needed. Remark please mark your changes fuzzy (the cloud symbol), that makes it easier to review.

You may want to share work with other volunteers in your language area. In that case, make absolutely sure that either you coordinate by private e-mails or you send an e-mail to L10N saying something like “I’ll translate all files in the folders from ‘accessibility’ to ‘framework’”.

note: after you open the first file with POEdit, you might want to read advice. And for any doubts, just write L10N and we’ll be happy to assist!

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