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The site is undergoing a major overhaul!

We are working hard at a new workflow, that involves translators more directly in the release process. This site plays a major role in the new workflow, so please accept our apologies for the state of the site.

Documentation for translators and native language teams

Documentation is stored in different places, due to historical reasons, but also due to responsibilities. Some of the documentation are more static and often accessible as WEB pages, whereas user supplied dynamic information are stored in Wiki, finally day to day discussions are kept in a mailing list.

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Mailing lists

We use mailing lists to communicate within the team. If you want to speak with other project members, the best way is to join one of our mailing lists.

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Subscribing to the list is easy, send an empty message to: The list where most of the communication takes place is At the beginning, it’s probably enough if you join just this one. Later you can join some other as needed.

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