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module uno
Basic UNO interfaces.

NamingService a simple named object container.
XAdapter This is the server-side interface to a weak adapter.
XAggregation [ DEPRECATED ]
Objects which implement this interface can become aggregates of a delegator.
XComponentContext Component context to be passed to a component via ::com::sun::star::lang::XSingleComponentFactory. Arbitrary values (e.g. deployment values) can be retrieved from the context.
XCurrentContext Task (e.g. thread) local execution context for UNO. Arbitrary values can be retrieved from the context.
XInterface base interface of all UNO interfaces
XNamingService allows to insert, remove and access named objects.
XReference must be implemented by anyone who holds the adapter on the client side.
XUnloadingPreference Components can implement XUnloadingPreference in order to indicate how they should be treated when their hosting library is to be unloaded. When someone calls rtl_unloadUnusedModules then the unloading listeners are notified by calling previously registered callback functions. A listener is an entity that employs, registers, and unregisters the callback functions on its behalf. Upon notification (the callback function is being called) a listener may release references to UNO components. Thus, the loaded libraries can be unloaded, if no one else keeps any objects from the library alive.
Before a listener releases references, it should ask for this interface. If the interface is not implemented, then the listener may release the object; otherwise, it calls releaseOnNotification. If the function returns false then the listener should keep the reference, otherwise it may release it.
XWeak the server-side interface to a weak object.
Specifies an universal interface key (globally unique). This struct is deprecated. Uiks are not used anymore.
DeploymentException Exception signalling a deployment error.
Exception the base of all UNO exceptions
RuntimeException This exception or a subclass can occur at every interface method.
SecurityException Base exception for all security related exceptions.
TypeClass This enum describes all type classes of UNO. Every specific type has a type class specifying the general context of the reflected type.
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