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interface XStatusIndicator
controls a status indicator which displays progress of longer actions to the user

Such objects are provided by a XStatusIndicatorFactory.

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Methods' Summary
start initialize and start the progress  
end stop the progress  
setText update progress description  
setValue update progress value  
reset clear progress value and description  
Methods' Details
[oneway] void
start( [in] string  Text,
[in] long  Range );

initialize and start the progress

It activates a new created or reactivate an already used inidicator (must be finished by calling XStatusIndicator::end() before!). By the way it's possible to set first progress description and the possible range of progress value. That means that a progress can runs from 0 to Range.

Parameter Text
initial value for progress description for showing Value can be updated by calling XStatusIndicator::setText().
Parameter Range
mewns the maximum value of the progress which can be setted by calling XStatusIndicator::setValue().
[oneway] void

stop the progress

Further calls of XStatusIndicator::setText(), XStatusIndicator::setValue() or XStatusIndicator::reset() must be ignored. Only XStatusIndicator::start() can reactivate this indicator. It's not allowed to destruct the indicator inside this method. The instance must be gone by using ref count or disposing.

[oneway] void
setText( [in] string  Text );

update progress description

Initial value can be set during starting of the progress by calling XStatusIndicator::start(). Stopped indicators must ignore this call.

Parameter Text
new value for progress description which should be shown now
[oneway] void
setValue( [in] long  Value );

update progress value

Wrong values must be ignored and stopped indicators must ignore this call generaly.

Parameter Value
new value for progress which should be shown now Must fit the range [0..Range] which was set during XStatusIndicator::start().
[oneway] void

clear progress value and description

Calling of setValue(0) and setText("") should do the same. Stopped indicators must ignore this call.

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