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:: com :: sun :: star :: lang ::

interface XInitialization
initializes an object directly after its creation.

This interface works together with factories. If you want to initialize the object after creation, you should support this interface and you may support other interfaces which offer type-safe initialization methods.

Instead of calling XSingleComponentFactory::createInstanceWithContext and later initialize(), you should call XSingleComponentFactory::createInstanceWithArgumentsAndContext to pass the arguments to the instance. The reason is, that a component may want to return the same instance for the same set of parameters, and it can do so by implementing the factory itself.

Developers Guide
WritingUNO - XInitialization
WritingUNO - Core Interfaces to Implement

Methods' Summary
initialize initializes the object.  
Methods' Details
initialize( [in] sequence< any >  aArguments )
raises( ::com::sun::star::uno::Exception );

initializes the object.

It should be called directly after the object is created.

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