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interface XFrameLoader
load components into a frame

It's an asynchronous loading. For synchronous processes use XSynchronousFrameLoader instead of this one. The generic load algorithm of the office supports both ones - but prefered the synchronous interface.

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Methods' Summary
load starts the loading of the specified resource into the specified Frame.  
cancel cancels the loading process.  
Methods' Details
[oneway] void
load( [in] XFrame  Frame,
[in] string  URL,
[in] sequence< ::com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue >  Arguments,
[in] XLoadEventListener  Listener );

starts the loading of the specified resource into the specified Frame.
Parameter Frame
specifies the loading target
Parameter URL
describes the ressource of loading component Support of special protocols are implementation details and depends from the environment.
Parameter Arguments
optional arguments for loading (see ::com::sun::star::document::MediaDescriptor for further informations)
Parameter Listener
this listener will be informed about success
See also
[oneway] void

cancels the loading process.

After returning from this call, neither the frame nor the load-event-listener specified in XFrameLoader::load() may be called back. Because only the owner of this process who called load method before can cancel this process. And he doesn't need any notification about that. On the other hand - nobody then this owner himself can be registered as an XLoadEventListener here.

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