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interface XDispatchRecorderSupplier
provides access to the record mechanism of dispatches

With a XDispatchRecorder it's possible to record calls of XDispatch::dispatch(). The recorded data (may a script) can be used to automate recorded dispatch and start it at later time again. This supplier provides access to the recorder and supports some functionality to work with the mcaro recording mechanism in an easy manner.

OOo 1.1.2
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Methods' Summary
setDispatchRecorder set a dispatch recorder on this supplier  
getDispatchRecorder provides access on the recorder of this supplier  
dispatchAndRecord dispatch given URL and record it if recording is enabled  
Methods' Details
setDispatchRecorder( [in] XDispatchRecorder  Recorder );

set a dispatch recorder on this supplier

Setting of a new recorder make it possible to change recording mode. May there can exist different implementations of a recorder (e.g. to generate Java, Basic or other formats). Changing between local recording inside one Frame or global one by using more then ones can be forced too.

Parameter Recorder
the new recorder for this supplier

provides access on the recorder of this supplier

Returned recorder can be used to record dispatches manualy or to get recorded data for further using e.g. saving. He is internaly used too due to the method XDispatchRecorderSupplier::dispatchAndRecord().

the dispatch recorder of this supplier
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dispatchAndRecord( [in] ::com::sun::star::util::URL  URL,
[in] sequence< ::com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue >  Arguments,
[in] XDispatch  Dispatcher );

dispatch given URL and record it if recording is enabled

Parameter Dispatcher is used internaly to make the dispatch. If recording isn't enabled it will be a normal XDispatch::dispatch() call. Otherwise follow algorithm is used:

  • If Dispatcher doesn't support the interface XRecordableDispatch a normal dispatch() call will be made and depend from the result state of that the request will be recorded. In this case it's possible to record the incoming parameter (URL and Arguments) only. Parameters of internal processes can't be recorded then and will be lost.
  • If Dispatcher support the interface XRecordableDispatch it will be used to dispatch and record all neccessary parameters of the whole process.

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