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service AccessibleGraphicShape
The AccessibleGraphicShape service is implemented by the graphic object shapes shapes and

It differs from the included AccessibleShape 'base' service by the additional support of the ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleImage interface.

OOo 1.1.2

Included Services - Summary

Give access to information of generic shapes. (details)

Exported Interfaces - Summary

Give access to image specific information. (details)

Included Services - Details
Give access to information of generic shapes.

See AccessibleShape for documentation and support of the interfaces ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessible, ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleContext, and ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleComponent.

See also
Exported Interfaces - Details
Give access to image specific information.

The support of the ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleImage interface requires the shape to provide a description of the displayed image and the image's size in the screen coordinate system (pixel). At the time being this interface does not provide information that is not available through the AccessibleShape service: the size returned by the ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleImage::getWidth and ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleImage::getHeight functions is the same as that returned by the ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleComponent::getSize function; the description returned by ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleImage::getAccessibleImageDescription function is the same as the one returned by the ::com::sun::star::accessibility::XAccessibleContext::getAccessibleDescription function. This makes the additional interface for the time being basically an indicator of graphic shapes. This may change in the future.

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