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module accessibility
UNO Accessibility API

This modules contains the basic interfaces of the UAA (UNO Accessibility API). Services that describe how these interfaces are implemented can be found in other modules. The services in this module describe only what every accessible object has to support.

Making a class accessible starts by supporting the XAccessible interface. This interface' only method returns the actual accessibility object, an instance of XAccessibleContext. These two interfaces may be implemented by the same class in which case a call to XAccessible::getAccessible returns the same object that is called. Alternatively the implementation of the XAccessibleContext interface can be done by another class. This makes it possible to put all accessibility implementations into their own library which has only to be loaded when necessary.

Note that all other interfaces have to be implemented by the same class that implements the XAccessibleContext interface. Note also that there is no way back from an accessibility object to the object from which it has been obtained by means of the UAA. If you need such a back-link you have to provide one on your own.

AccessBridge The UNO <-> Java Access Bridge allows any native frame window to become accessible by implementing the XAccessible interface.
Accessible Every class has to support this service in order to be accessible.
AccessibleContext Central service of the Accessibility API that gives access to various facets of an object's content.
XAccessible This interface has to be implemented by any class that wants to be accessible.
XAccessibleAction Implement this interface to give access to actions that can be executed for accessible objects.
XAccessibleComponent The XAccessibleComponent interface should be supported by any class that can be rendered on the screen.
XAccessibleContext Implement this interface for exposing various aspects of a class' content.
XAccessibleEditableText Implement this interface to give read and write access to a text representation.
XAccessibleEventBroadcaster makes it possible to register listeners which are called whenever an accessibility event (see AccessibleEventObject) occurs.
XAccessibleEventListener makes it possible to register a component as a listener, which is called whenever an accessibility event occurs.
XAccessibleExtendedComponent The XAccessibleExtendedComponent interface contains additional methods to those of the XAccessibleComponent interface. These methods provide information that is used not as often. The division into two interfaces allows classes to support the more frequently used methods of the XAccessibleComponent interface and only support the XAccessibleExtendedComponent interface if that makes sense for the class.
XAccessibleHyperlink Implement this interface to represent a hyperlink or a group of hyperlinks.
XAccessibleHypertext Implement this interface to expose the hypertext structure of a document.
XAccessibleImage Implement this interface to represent images and icons.
XAccessibleKeyBinding This interface can be used to represent any number of key bindings which then can be associated to a certain action.
XAccessibleMultiLineText not yet published
XAccessibleRelationSet Implement this interface to give access to an object's set of relations.
XAccessibleSelection Implement this interface to represent a selection of accessible objects.
XAccessibleStateSet Implement this interface to represent a set of states.
XAccessibleTable Implement this interface to give access to a two-dimensional table.
XAccessibleText Implement this interface to give read-only access to a text.
XAccessibleTextAttributes Implement this interface to give access to the attributes of a text.
XAccessibleTextMarkup Implement this interface to expose the text markups of a text.
XAccessibleValue Implement this interface to give access to a single numerical value.
AccessibleEventObject this struct describes an accessible event, that is broadcasted from the XAccessibleEventBroadcaster and notified to XAccessibleEventListener.
AccessibleRelation An AccessibleRelation object defines a one-to-many relation.
AccessibleTableModelChange This structure lets an event give access to a change of a table model.
TextSegment This structure describes a text segment that is embedded in a larger portion of text. It is used for example by the XAccessibleText interface to describe a text portion that was inserted into or deleted from an accessible text.
IllegalAccessibleComponentStateException Indicates invalid or unavailable state information.
Constant Groups
AccessibleEventId These constants identify the type of AccessibleEventObject objects.
AccessibleRelationType Collection of relation types.
AccessibleRole Collection of roles.
AccessibleStateType Collection of state types.
AccessibleTableModelChangeType Type of a change made to a table model.
AccessibleTextType Collection of types of text portions.
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