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exception NoSuchFilterRequest
Base Hierarchy
 ┗ ::com::sun::star::uno::Exception
should be used for interaction to handle states of unknown filter during detection

If during loading time the filter can't be detected and wasn't given at calling time, a possible ::com::sun::star::task::InteractionHandler will be used. (it's a a part of used MediaDescriptor) Such "NoSuchFilterRequest" will be used then to start right interaction on that to get a decision wich filter should be used for given URL. A possible continiuation of type XInteractionFilterSelect will transport this decision back to generic filter detection and force using of it. Of course it's possible to abort the loading process by use another continuation ::com::sun::star::task::XInteractionAbort.

See also
MediaDescriptor, ::com::sun::star::task::InteractionHandler, XInteractionFilterSelect, ::com::sun::star::task::XInteractionAbort

Elements' Summary
URL transport URL which couldn't be detected  
Elements' Details
string URL;
transport URL which couldn't be detected
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