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service LocalDataImporter
allows importing data from a local configuration data repository or file into any Backend.

Data to be imported can be a single layer either from a full local configuration database or from a particular OOR Update XML file.

Data is imported into the DefaultBackend.

OOo 1.1.2
See also
Service that can be used to locate available layer files or components.
See also
Service that can be used to access a local configuration database.

Included Services - Summary

provides for running an import job (details)

Included Services - Details
provides for running an import job

The implementation returns void from ::com::sun::star::task::XJob::execute() to indicates successful execution. If import is not executed, because OverwriteExisting = true was specified, a ::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalAccessException is returned.

If void or true is returned, this indicates successful execution. If an ::com::sun::star::uno::Exception is returned, it represents an error condition encountered during execution.

The standard arguments to ::com::sun::star::task::XJob::execute() are all supported by implementations. Additionally the following argument is required to select the data source:

LayerDataUrl : string
A file URL that specifies the location of the source data.

If no Component is provided, this must be the location of an OOR Update XML file, which will be imported directly.

If a Component is provided, the LayerDataUrl is treated as Entity (i.e. Layer directory base URL) for a local configuration database and the appropriate component from that repository is imported.

Implementations may support additional parameters to select a destination Backend, that is not the DefaultBackend.

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