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unpublished service ApplicationRegistration
Usage Restrictions
not published
registers UNO objects as COM objects.

That is, COM class factories are registered with COM at runtime. The required EXE server is the application which deploys this service. In order to access the factories by COM API functions, there need to be proper registry entries. This service does not provide for writing those entries.

The instantiation of the registered objects can be carried out by any ordinary mechanism which is used in a certain language to create COM components. For example, CreateObject in Visual Basic, CoCreateInstance in C++.

Currently only a factory for the service ::com::sun::star::lang::MultiServiceFactory is registered by this service. The CLSID is {82154420-0FBF-11d4-8313-005004526AB4} and the ProgId is

ApplicationRegistration does not provide any particular interface because the UNO objects are registered while instantiating this service and deregistered if the implementation, which makes use of this service, is being released.

Developers Guide
ProUNO - Bridge - The Bridge Services

Exported Interfaces - Summary
(referenced entity's summary:)
base interface of all UNO interfaces
Exported Interfaces - Details
(referenced entity's summary:)
base interface of all UNO interfaces

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