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These faq have been compiled over the span of OpenOffice's lifetime. Most of the information is now out of date. See the OpenOffice FAQ page on our official wiki for up-to-date information. If you find instances that need updating, let us know by sending a note to

  Mirrors: Questions   

  1. Mirrors Overview - Read Me First
  2. How do I get listed on your Mirrors Page?
  3. Do you support rsync?
  4. How should I stay in sync with your files?
  5. What files should be mirrored and how big are they?
  6. What about website content? Would you like that mirrored?
  7. I still need help!
  8. Statistics

   Mirrors: Answers  

  1. Mirrors Overview needs mirrors distributed throughout the globe. But we also need--really need--US mirrors. Mirror sites can only mirror the binaries, source, and member-contributions. does not have the capability to allow mirroring of the website itself.

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  1. How safe are the files?

    Use common sense. To be listed on our mirrors page, mirror sites need only to adhere to some very basic standards. The data are not guaranteed and we recommend that after you have downloaded your binary/source, you verify the files and run md5sum on your files. Please use caution; any file you downlod from the Internet may have bugs and worse.

    A freeware md5sum program for Windows is available. It's untested by us. If this doesn't work well or you know of a better one, please email webmasters and let us know (please remember to refer to this page).

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  1. How do I get listed on your Mirrors page?

    We have several requirements for getting your site on the Mirrors page (and from there on the download pages).

    1. Please check the Mirrors Project Homepage for the latest requirements.
    2. Include this disclaimer -
    3. These binaries (installable software) are in development. They may not be fully stable and should be used with caution. We make no claims about them.

    4. Join the Mirrors Project - To be listed on the site, you must join our Mirrors Project. You must also subscribe to the mirrors discuss and announce mailing list. These lists are featured on the Mirrors Project homepage. The list (for discussions) is heavily trafficked; the announce is not and is for announcements pertaining to distribution.
    5. Once you have joined the project and subscribed to the lists, please notify the discuss list what your mirror will be carrying. Categories and options are listed on the homepage.

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  1. Do you support rsync?

    Yes. Please send in the needed information about your mirror mirror site to the Mirrors Project mailing list,

    Once you have done that, please point to a suitable host:
    rsync rsync://tier-1-server/path/ and start mirroring. If you have more problems, "man rsync" first. If your questions are not resolved, please post them to the mirrors discuss list.

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  1. What files should be mirrored and how big are they?

    We list the directories and sizes of each directory (approximate) on the Mirrors Project homepage.

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  1. What about website content? Would you like that mirrored?

    Thanks, but no. We change our content quite regularly, and would like to avoid any content coordination problems.

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  1. I still need help!

    If you'd like further help or ideas on how to mirror, we suggest you look at our mirrors project, and contact the project's discuss list.

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  1. Statistics

    All mirrors listed on the site are required to post statistics. uses download statistics to support the project. There are free applications that allow you to collect this data. We recommend Analog. It's also Open Source. Statistics will be represented on our Statistics Project.

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