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Issue Tracker (formerly IssueZilla) FAQ


Last updated 2003-03-25

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These faq have been compiled over the span of OpenOffice's lifetime. Most of the information is now out of date. See the OpenOffice FAQ page on our official wiki for up-to-date information. If you find instances that need updating, let us know by sending a note to

  IssueTracker: Questions  

  1. What is IssueTracker?
  2. How do I use IssueTracker?
  3. Can I attach a file to an Issue?

  IssueTracker: Answers  

  1. What is IssueTracker? uses a modified version of's BugZilla to track issues. CollabNet's BugZilla is called IssueTracker as it extends that bug-tracking system towards more generalized Issue tracking, which is a superset of bug tracking.

    If you are a registered user of, you can use IssueTracker to browse existing issues, enter new issues, or modify the details of an existing issues. Please be aware that you'll need to enable cookies in your browser to use IssueTracker. You can't use IssueTracker if you are not a registered user or have not enabled cookies. You can register by clicking on the "Join" link in the left navbar.

    There may also be problems if you are using Konqueror or some other browser than Netscape 4.77 or Internet Explorer or some other faithful emulator of these programs.

    If you're new to IssueTracker, you might want to take a moment to browse A Quick Introduction to IssueTracker. You should also check out the guidelines for reporting issues page to learn how to report an issue/bug. As well, the Help documents provide an excellent introduction to the intricacies of IssueTracker.

    To learn more, click on the "Bugs and Issues" link on the left navbar.

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  1. How do I use IssueTracker?

    When possible, please use IssueTracker. To use it, however, you must be a registered user (click on the "Join" link in the left navbar to register). Why use IssueTracker? Because it allows everyone to keep track of the many big and small tasks, requests, enhancements, whatever that circulate throughout an Open Source project. What is more, the issue tracker makes it easier to determine if any another user has had similar problems. And if the problem has been resolved, it can alert the relevant people to the solutions found. In short, by registering and then filing issues with IssueTracker, you become a contributing member of

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  1. Can I attach a file to an Issue?

    Yes. Our current limit is 10MB (ten megabytes). Attaching a file to an issue is a two-step procedure and is not obvious. You must first submit the issue or locate the issue to which you wish to attach the file. Then, you can add the file as an attachment to that issue. There will be a link visible after you have submitted the issue reading:
    Create a new attachment (proposed patch, testcase, etc.)
    Note: You cannot add files natively. They must be added as "binary" files. This is a temporary problem.
    Hints: Reduce the size of your file as much as possible. And, if you are uploading an HTML document, be sure to compress it first (Zip or tar it), otherwise it gets corrupted when others try to download it.

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