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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15 Conference (OOoCon 2006)

Sponsors and exhibitors

How to become a Sponsor or Exhibitor

The Conference 2006 is your opportunity to give something back to the community by sponsoring the event. Your sponsorship will also provide you with global visibility for your related products and services. These are the sponsorship options:

Material sponsor, media sponsor, technical sponsor

If you would wish to contribute to the conference in a different manner, there are many other options to offer. Some of the potential sponsorships include renting technical equipment (computers, projectors, audio&video equipment), media coverage of the event in the form of free commercials and ads, or offering Your services for the time of the conference.

This will give You a logo presence on all marketing materials including the webpage together with a right to distribute your marketing materials at the conference.

How to apply

If you would like to sponsor OooCon2006 in one of ways mentioned above, please send an e-mail with subject “Premium”, “Gold”, “Silver,” or “Media” to

The email with your exhibitor application should include the following information:

For additional information please send an email to

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