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What's Next

Upcoming Features in future releases of the Office Scripting Framework

The basic Scripting Framework core is now in place. This document intends to outline enhancements to the framework core and features which are currently being considered for up and coming releases. The intention is to release updates regularly as new features become available. Those interesting in scriting are encouragged to try out the releases, offer feedback and suggestions on future directions.

Next Release

Additional Language Support

The Scripting Framework has been designed to allow other scripting language runtimes to be plugged in. The only dependancy is that the appropriate UNO to <language> bridge is available.

Which Languages?

Scripts tend to be written in type-less scripting style languages, which are simpler to program in than more formal strictly typed programming languages. Given the UNO to Java Bridge already exists, the plan is to support a scripting style language written in Java. BeanShell is a small interpreter (around 135k) and is integrated into NetBeans.


This is a small, free, embeddable, Java source interpreter with object scripting language features, written in Java. BeanShell executes standard Java statements and expressions, in addition to obvious scripting commands and syntax. It is supported in NetBeans so should enable NetBeans IDE integration. It will be integrated into the existing Java Runtime.

Note: There are a variety of other scripting languages implemented in Java that could be looked at after BeanShell, such as Jython or Rhino.

Other Language Runtimes

Documentation is due on the design and implementation requirements for a Language Runtime as part of this release. This will enable any member of the community to implement other language runtimes for which there is an UNO bridge available such as the UNO Python bridge.


Future Releases

IDE Add-ins


Macro Configuration

General configuration settings are available for StarBasic macros, such as don't run macros, run only from specified locations and so on. We would like to offer the same degree of configuration control for our new language macros, and extend these settings if appropriate.


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