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Note regarding 3.x user guides

The user guides listed below apply to 1.x or 2.x.

User guides for 3.x are listed on a separate page.

Most chapters are also available on the Documentation wiki. Documentation Project Guides

OpenOffice.org2.x Guides
The 2.0 Guides are the start of a complete manual.
Available Formats
OpenOffice.org2.x User Guide
PDF 23rd draft - fixed pagination.
If you can help, please add your comments/changes to issue 29679

OpenOffice.org1.x.x User Guide
The User Guide is a complete manual presented as a complete document suitable for printing.
Available Formats
OpenOffice.org1.x.x User Guide

User Guides from OOoAuthors

OOoAuthors User Guides for 2.x
The OOoAuthors User Guides supplement the OOo User Guide listed above. They are available as individual chapters as well as full books. Editable files are available through the OOoAuthors website. Most chapters are also available on the Documentation wiki. See this page for printed copies.
Available Formats
OOo2.x Getting Started Guide
(3rd edition, 05-Jun-2007)
PDF (7.6MB)
OOo2.x Writer Guide
(3rd edition, revised 15-Dec-2007)
PDF (9.1MB)
OOo2.x Impress Guide
(compiled 19-Jul-2007)
PDF (5.3MB)
OOo2.0 Draw Guide
(compiled 26-June-2006; some chapters older)
PDF (3.7MB)
OOo2.0 Migration Guide
(compiled 8-May-2006)
PDF (2.3MB) 2.x Guides in chapters:
    Getting Started Guide
    Writer Guide
    Calc Guide
    Draw Guide
    Impress Guide
    Migration Guide
OOoAuthors User Guides for 1.1.x
The OOoAuthors User Guides are presented in chapters for easy use.
The OOoAuthors website is here.
Available Formats 1.1.x Guides in chapters:
    Introduction to
    Common Features Guide
    Writer Guide
    Calc Guide
    Draw Guide
    Impress Guide
    Math Guide
    Migration Guide

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