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struct TableColumnSeparator
The width of the cells of a text table is defined by the position of the separator between neighboring cells.

If cells of the table are merged, this separator is not removed, but it is hidden.

A text table or a text table row provides the separators in a sequence of TableColumnSeparators. If the table only consists of one column, then this sequence is empty.

The real width of a table depends on the environment (page style and number of text columns at the table's position, alignment, and left and right margins). For that reason, the table column separator does not contain metric values for the column widths. The values are relative to the value of the property TextTable::TableColumnRelativeSum.

A table provides this property only if all rows have the same structure. If the table does not provide the property, then it cannot be set using.

The state of IsVisible and the count of the sequence must be the same in as it was in. Hidden separators cannot be moved and they cannot be overtaken by visible separators.

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Elements' Summary
Position contains the position of the separator.  
IsVisible determines if the separator is visible.  
Elements' Details
short Position;
contains the position of the separator.
boolean IsVisible;
determines if the separator is visible.
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