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module system
Host operating system integration interfaces.

SystemMailProvider A service providing a simple way to send mails using a mail client available on the system.
SystemShellExecute Specifies a system executer service. Such a service makes it possible to execute an arbitrary system command.
XMailClient Specifies an interface for creating and sending email messages through a mail client.
XMailMessage This interface lets a client set or get the information of a mail message.
XSystemMailProvider Provides access to a mail client, if there is one available on the system.
XSystemShellExecute Specifies an interface for executing a system command.
SystemShellExecuteException May be thrown in cases of errors executing a command using the SystemShellExecute service.
Constant Groups
MailClientFlags These constants are used to specify how the XMailClient should behave.
SystemShellExecuteFlags Different settings for the SystemShellExecute service.
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