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:: com :: sun :: star :: system ::

interface XSystemShellExecute
Specifies an interface for executing a system command.

Methods' Summary
execute Executes an abitrary system command.  
Methods' Details
execute( [in] string  sCommand,
[in] string  sParameter,
[in] long  nFlags )
raises( ::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException,
SystemShellExecuteException );

Executes an abitrary system command.
Parameter aCommand
Specifies the command to execute.

This may be an executable file or a document which is registered with an application on a specific platform, so that the platform knows what application to launch for that document.

If the command specifies a path to an executable, etc, this has to be a system specific path.

Parameter aParameter
Specifies a list of space separated parameters.

The method does not validate the given parameters, but only passes it as a parameter to the specified command.

Parameter nFlags
A combination of SystemShellExecuteFlags specifying different flags to control the execution of this method.
com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException when the specified flags are wrong or exclude each other.
com::sun::star::sys::SystemExecuteException in the case of errors when trying to executed the specified command.
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