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:: com :: sun :: star :: sdb ::

module application

CopyTableWizard describes a wizard which can be used to copy table like data from one database to another.
DefaultViewController is the default controller implementation for's database application.
XCopyTableListener specifies the interface required to listen for progress in copying table rows via a CopyTableWizard.
XCopyTableWizard describes a wizard which can be used to copy table like data from one database to another.
XDatabaseDocumentUI provides access to the user interface of a database document
XTableUIProvider is used by the database application to obtain non-default user interface information and/or components for database tables.
CopyTableRowEvent specifies an event happening while copying table data between databases.
NamedDatabaseObject denotes a named database object, or a named folder of database objects
Constant Groups
CopyTableContinuation specifies the possible continuations when copying a table row via a CopyTableWizard failed.
CopyTableOperation specifies the different basic operations a CopyTableWizard can do.
DatabaseObject denotes different objects within a database document
DatabaseObjectContainer denotes different types of (maybe virtual) containers of database objects
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