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:: com :: sun :: star :: script :: provider ::

unpublished interface XScript
Usage Restrictions
not published
This interface represents an invokable script or UNO function.

Methods' Summary
invoke invoke the script or function represented by the implementing object  
Methods' Details
invoke( [in] sequence< any >  aParams,
[out] sequence< short >  aOutParamIndex,
[out] sequence< any >  aOutParam )
raises( ScriptFrameworkErrorException,
::com::sun::star::reflection::InvocationTargetException );

invoke the script or function represented by the implementing object
Parameter aParams
all parameters; pure, out params are undefined in sequence, i.e., the value has to be ignored by the callee
Parameter aOutParamIndex
out indices, indicating the position of the out or inout parameters in the list of arguments to the script
Parameter aOutParam
out parameters

For example, if the script had the signature
long foo( [inout] string a, [in] string b, [out] string c )
the call would look like
bar.invoke( {"foo", "foo2", "this-is-ignored" }, aOutParamIndex, aOutParam);
and after the call the out sequences would contain

 aOutParam={"string from a", "string from c"}; 
the value returned from the function being invoked
::com::sun::star::reflection::InvocationTargetException if and error occurs while attempting to invoke a script the information is captured. If the error or exception is generated by the script itself it is wrapped as either ScriptErrorRaisedException or ScriptExceptionRaisedException or ScriptingFrameworkErrorException are wrapped as ScriptFrameworkErrorExceptions.
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