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module reflection
Runtime object inspection / core reflection interfaces.

CoreReflection This service is the implementation of the reflection API. You can obtain information about types, modify values of reflected types and call on objects.
ProxyFactory [ DEPRECATED ]
Service to create proxy objects acting on behalf of a given target object.
A proxy delegates calls to a given target object. In addition, it is aggregatable, thus it is possible to intercept calls on the proxy's interfaces. @attention A proxy object is UNO conform, but does NOT provide original target interfaces on queryInterface() calls. This may lead to problems regarding object identity, e.g. when dealing with listener proxies.
TypeDescriptionManager This service manages type descriptions and acts as a central access point to every type description. It delegates calls for demanded types to subsequent TypeDescriptionProviders and may cache type descriptions.
Using cppuhelper's bootstrapping routines bootstrapping an initial component context, there is a singleton accessable via key "/singletons/". This singleton object is hooked into the C UNO runtime typelib and lives until the context is shut down.
TypeDescriptionProvider This service provides type descriptions, i.e. concrete service implementations read from source like the persistent registry database format.
XArrayTypeDescription [ DEPRECATED ]
Deprecated. Arrays are not supported. Reflects a fixed-size array type. The type class of this description is TypeClass_ARRAY.
XCompoundTypeDescription Reflects a compound type, i.e. a struct or exception.
XConstantTypeDescription Reflects a constant.
XConstantsTypeDescription Reflects a constants group.
XEnumTypeDescription Reflects an enum type.
XIdlArray Reflects an IDL sequence and provides dynamic access to instances of that sequence. This interface supports widening conversion when getting or setting elements. @attention Although the name of this interface denotes arrays, sequences are meant. Don't be obfuscated, arrays are not supported by UNO!
XIdlClass Provides information reflecting an UNO type.
XIdlClassProvider [ DEPRECATED ]
Deprecated interface. Do not use anymore.
Deprecated. Use XIdlField2 instead.
XIdlField2 Reflects an IDL interface attribute, enum or compound type (i.e. struct/exception) member.
XIdlMember Base interface for XIdlField2s and XIdlMethods.
XIdlMethod Reflects an IDL interface method.
XIdlReflection Interface to reflect types.
XIndirectTypeDescription Reflects a typedef or sequence type. The type class of this description is TypeClass_TYPEDEF or TypeClass_SEQUENCE.
XInterfaceAttributeTypeDescription Reflects an interface attribute type.
XInterfaceAttributeTypeDescription2 Reflects an interface attribute, supporting extended attributes that are bound or raise exceptions.
XInterfaceMemberTypeDescription Base interface for reflected interface members.
XInterfaceMethodTypeDescription Reflects an interface method type. The type class of this type is TypeClass_INTERFACE_METHOD.
XInterfaceTypeDescription Reflects an interface type.
XInterfaceTypeDescription2 Reflects an interface type, supporting multiple inheritance.
XMethodParameter Reflects a method parameter.
XModuleTypeDescription Reflects a module.
XParameter Reflects a parameter of an interface method or a service constructor.
XPropertyTypeDescription Reflects a property.
XProxyFactory [ DEPRECATED ]
Factory interface to produce proxy objects.
XPublished Reflects the “published” status of a UNOIDL entity.
XServiceConstructorDescription Reflects a service constructor.
XServiceTypeDescription Reflects a service.
XServiceTypeDescription2 Reflects a service, supporting single-interface–based services.
XSingletonTypeDescription Reflects a singleton.
XSingletonTypeDescription2 Reflects a singleton, supporting interface-based singletons.
XStructTypeDescription Reflects a struct type, supporting polymorphic struct types.
XTypeDescription Reflects a UNOIDL entity.
XTypeDescriptionEnumeration Defines an enumeration for type descriptions.
XTypeDescriptionEnumerationAccess Defines an interface for creating enumerations for type descriptions.
XUnionTypeDescription [ DEPRECATED ]
Deprecated. Unions are not supported. Reflects a union type. The discriminant of a union switches between the current value types. In addition, there is also a default case, having no discriminant.
ParamInfo Provides information about a formal parameter of a method.
InvalidTypeNameException thrown in case that a certain type name does exist, but does not meet some other criteria.
InvocationTargetException This exception denotes a checked exception (wrapping an originating exception) and may be thrown upon using invocation API.
NoSuchTypeNameException thrown in case that a certain type name does not exist.
FieldAccessMode Denotes the access possibilities via XIdlField2 to an interface attribute, enum or compound type (struct/exception).
MethodMode MethodMode denotes the mode in which method calls are run, i.e. either oneway or twoway. Mode oneway denotes that a call may be run asynchronously (thus having no out parameters or return value)
ParamMode The parameter mode denotes the transfer between caller and callee of a method.
TypeDescriptionSearchDepth Defines depths for searching through type description collections.
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