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module inspection

DefaultHelpProvider implements a component which can default-fill the help section of an ObjectInspector.
GenericPropertyHandler implements a general-purpose XPropertyHandler
ObjectInspector describes an ::com::sun::star::frame::Controller which can be used to browse and modify properties of components.
ObjectInspectorModel describes a default implementation of an ObjectInspectorModel
XHyperlinkControl defines the interface for an XPropertyControl which displays its value in a hyperlink-like way
XNumericControl defines the interface for an XPropertyControl which supports displaying and entering numerical values.
XObjectInspector describes the main interface of an ObjectInspector.
XObjectInspectorModel describes the model of an ObjectInspector
XObjectInspectorUI grants access to certain aspects of the user interface of an object inspector
XPropertyControl defines the interface for a single control in an ObjectInspector
XPropertyControlContext specifies the interface of the context of an XPropertyControl.
XPropertyControlFactory a factory for XPropertyControls
XPropertyControlObserver specifies an interface for components to observer certain aspects of an XPropertyControl.
XPropertyHandler is the basic interface for object inspection.
XStringListControl defines the interface for an XPropertyControl which, additionally to the basic behaviour, supports a list of strings interpreted as possible property values.
XStringRepresentation handles string representations of property values.
LineDescriptor describes the appearance of a line representing a single property in an ObjectInspector. Such a line consists of
PropertyCategoryDescriptor describes a category of properties
InteractiveSelectionResult describes possible results of an interactive selection of a property value in an object inspector
Constant Groups
PropertyControlType describes pre-defined possible control types to be used to display and enter property values within a ObjectInspector.
PropertyLineElement describes elements of a single line in an object inspector, used to represent a single property
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