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unpublished interface XUIControllerFactory
Base Interfaces
┣ ::com::sun::star::lang::XMultiComponentFactoryXUIControllerRegistration

this interface provides functions to create new instances of a registered UI controller.

Use ::com::sun::star::lang::XMultiComponentFactory::createInstanceWithArgumentsAndContext() to create a new UI controller instance. Use the CommandURL as the service specifier. This call supports the following arguments provided as ::com::sun::star::beans::PropertyValue:

  • Frame
    specifies the XFrame instance to which the UI controller belongs to. This property must be provided to the UI controller, otherwise it cannot dispatch its internal commands.
  • ModuleIdentifier
    optional string that specifies in which module context the UI controller should be created.
    The module identifier can be retrieved using the ModuleManager.

provides functions to query for, register and deregister a popup menu controller.
Usage Restrictions
not published
a factory to create User Interface controllers.

A user interface controller can be registered for a command URL. A certain user interface controller will be created when a user interface element contains a registered command URL.

Apache OpenOffice 4.0
See also
PopupMenuControllerFactory, StatusbarControllerFactory
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