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service FileSystemStorageFactory
The FileSystemStorageFactory is a service that allows to create a FileSystemStorage based on URL. The URL must point to a folder.

Exported Interfaces - Summary

A storage can be created through this interface. (details)

Exported Interfaces - Details
A storage can be created through this interface.

In case XSingleServiceFactory::createInstance call is used the result storage will be open in readwrite mode based on an arbitrary file system folder.

In case XSingleServiceFactory::createInstanceWithArguments call is used a sequence of the following parameters can be used:

parameter 1
specifies source of the object, it must be a string containing URL.
parameter 2
specifies mode the storage should be open in, can take values from ElementModes constant set.
parameter 3
allowes to provide com::sun::star::document::MediaDescryptor to the storage so some parts can be used for initialization, it can be for example ::com::sun::star::task::XInteractionHandler implementation.

The parameters are optional, that means that sequence can be empty or contain only first parameter, or first and second one. In case no parameters are provided the call works the same way as ::com::sun::star::lang::XSingleServiceFactory::createInstance. In case only first parameter is provided, the storage is opened in readonly mode.

The opened storages can support read access in addition to specified one.

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