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module framework
The drawing framework is responsible for managing the resources used by the UI of the drawing applications.

The framework is implemented by a set of sub controllers that are responsible for its different resources: XModuleController, com::sun::star::drawing::framework::XPaneController, com::sun::star::drawing::framework::XViewController, com::sun::star::drawing::framework::XToolbarController, com::sun::star::drawing::framework::XCommandController. The set of active resources is represented by the XConfiguration.

The XControllerManager interface provides access to the sub controllers. It typically is implemented by the same class that implements the ::com::sun::star::frame::XController interface.

The configuration is managed by the XConfigurationController. It coordinates changes to the configuration made by the other sub controllers so that

  • unnecessary ui updates (flickering) is avoided and
  • and the configuration is always in a valid and meaningfull state.

For more information please see the wiki page of the drawing framework.

BasicPaneFactory The is a resource factory that provides the panes used by the Draw and Impress applications.
BasicToolBarFactory The BasicToolBarFactory is a resource factory that provides (some of) the tool bars used by the Draw and Impress applications.
BasicViewFactory The BasicViewFactory is a view factory that provides the panes used by the Draw and Impress applications.
Configuration This service provides the means for constructing new configurations.
ConfigurationController See XConfigurationController for a description of the configuration controller.
ModuleController See XModuleController for a description of the module controller.
ResourceId The ResourceId service provides several constructors for resource ids.
XConfiguration A configuration describes the resources of an application like panes, views, and tool bars and their relationships that are currently active or are requested to be activated. Resources are specified by ResourceId structures rather than references so that not only the current configuration but also a requested configuration can be represented.
XConfigurationChangeListener A listener for configuration changes is called when it has been registered at the configuration controller and a configuration change occurs.
XConfigurationChangeRequest A single explicit request for a configuration change.
XConfigurationController The configuration controller is responsible for the management of the set of active resources.
XConfigurationControllerBroadcaster Manage the set of registered event listeners and the event notification for a configuration controller.
XConfigurationControllerRequestQueue The request queue of the configuration controller handles requests for changes to the current configuration.
XControllerManager The XControllerManager gives access to the controllers of the drawing framework.
XModuleController The module controller is responsible for loading a module (addon, plugin, whatever the name) when it is first used.
XPane A pane is an abstraction of a window and is one of the resources managed by the drawing framework.
XPane2 An extension of the XPane interface that adds support for a) showing and hiding the windows that internally belong to the pane and b) setting the accessibility object. This is typically an optional interface.
XPaneBorderPainter Paint the border around a rectangular region, typically a pane.
XRelocatableResource An optional interface that is implemented by resources that are relocatable to different anchors.
XResource Base interface that provides functionality shared by all resource types of the drawing framework.
XResourceFactory Factory and possibly cache for creating and releasing resources.
XResourceFactoryManager The XResourceFactoryManager is part of the configuration controller and manages the set of registered resource factories.
XResourceId A resource id uses a set of URLs to unambiguously specify a resource of the drawing framework.
XTabBar UI control for the selection of views in a pane.
XToolBar Abstraction of tool bars used by the drawing framework.
XView A view in the drawing framework is any object that paints into a pane.
ConfigurationChangeEvent Objects of this class are used for notifying changes of the configuration.
TabBarButton Descriptor of a tab bar button. Tab bar buttons are typically used to offer the user the choice between different views to be disiplayed in one pane.
AnchorBindingMode This enum specifies how a resource is bound to an anchor. This can be direct or indirect.
BorderType See XPaneBorderPainter and its addBorder() and removeBorder() methods for an explanation of the border type and its values.
ResourceActivationMode The ResourceActivationMode specifies, for example for the XConfigurationController::requestResourceActivation(), whether a requested resource is to replace an existing resource of the same class or is to be activated additionally.
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