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:: com :: sun :: star :: datatransfer :: dnd ::

interface XDragSource
This interface is implemented by a view or window that supports drag operations and will be received as part of a DragGestureEvent through a XDragGestureListener::dragGestureRecognized() callback.

Differently to Java, the association between view and interface is fixed and can not be changed. Otherwise, the AWT messaging would have to be implemented for any window supporting Drag and Drop operations, which would be a real performance issue.

Methods' Summary
isDragImageSupported In order to query if drag image support is available.  
getDefaultCursor To get the default cursor for a specified drag action.  
startDrag Starts the drag operation.  
Methods' Details

In order to query if drag image support is available.
A boolean indicating whether or not drag image support is available on the underlying platform.
getDefaultCursor( [in] byte  dragAction )
raises( ::com::sun::star::lang::IllegalArgumentException );

To get the default cursor for a specified drag action.
Parameter dragAction
A drag action as specified in DNDConstants.
The default drag cursor for the specified drag action.

The returned value may be used as parameter for the method XDragSourceContext::setCursor().

[oneway] void
startDrag( [in] DragGestureEvent  trigger,
[in] byte  sourceActions,
[in] long  cursor,
[in] long  image,
[in] ::com::sun::star::datatransfer::XTransferable  trans,
[in] XDragSourceListener  listener );

Starts the drag operation.

Note: this call does not block until the drag and drop operation ends. If the Drag and Drop system is unable to initiate a drag operation or if the user attempts to start a drag while an existing drag operation is still executing, the action fails immediately. This is indicated by calling XDragSourceListener::dragDropEnd() on the parameter listener with a DragSourceDragEvent showing a failure.

Parameter trigger
The DragGestureEvent that initiated the drag.
Parameter sourceActions
The action or actions supported for this transferable as defined in DNDConstants.
Parameter cursor
The initial drag cursor id or 0 as default.
Parameter image
The initial drag image id or 0 as default.
Parameter trans
The transferable object dragged.
Parameter listener
The XDragSourceListener.
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