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module clipboard

ClipboardManager The clipboard manager is a one-instance service that holds a list of all known clipboard instances.
GenericClipboard A generic clipboard service is a simple container for transferable objects.
SystemClipboard The system clipboard service builds a bridge to the OS specific clipboard interfaces.

XClipboardEx The extended clipboard interface.
XClipboardFactory Should be implemented by a clipboard factory that simplifies the creation of multiple clipboard instances.
XClipboardListener Interface to be implemented to receive notifications on clipboard content changes.
XClipboardManager This interface is used to retrieve, add, or remove clipboard instances.
XClipboardOwner The owner of a transferable object may pass this interface to the clipboard instance.
XFlushableClipboard An interface for flushable clipboards may optionally be implemented by a system clipboard service.
ClipboardEvent A clipboard uses this object to notify its listeners of content changes.
Constant Groups
RenderingCapabilities These flags describe the capabilities a system clipboard has to transfer data to other applications via the OS.
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