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service LayerUpdateMerger
applies updates to a configuration layer.

The configuration layer data is read from a XLayer and the changed layer is provided as XLayer again or described to a XLayerHandler.

OOo 1.1.2
See also
Service describes a layer and accepts a changed layer..

Exported Interfaces - Summary

accepts events describing the changes.


allows initializing layer data source and target. (details)

Exported Interfaces - Details
accepts events describing the changes.
allows initializing layer data source and target.

Both source and target of the update can be provided by passing a XUpdatableLayer object. Alternatively they can be provided individually by providing a XLayer object as data source and an XLayerHandler object to receive the updated data.

Implementations can provide more arguments to finetune the behavior. Such arguments are provided as ::com::sun::star::beans::NamedValue. Implementations should support the following named arguments:

Overwrite : boolean
If false, specifies that changes should be applied only if the existing layer is empty.
Truncate : boolean
If true requests that changes should not be merged onto existing data, but that the changes should be applied to a layer that is completely empty.

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