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service GroupUpdate
provides write access to a predefined heterogeneous group of values and nested trees as part of a hierarchy.

This service extends GroupAccess to support modifying values.

Included Services - Summary

is the basic service providing read access to a group element of the hierarchy. (details)

Exported Interfaces - Summary

allows replacing values. (details)

Included Services - Details
is the basic service providing read access to a group element of the hierarchy.

Any child and descendant objects support modifying access as well, unless they represent a read-only tree element as indicated by PropertyAttribute::READONLY.

Exported Interfaces - Details
allows replacing values.

This service extends the interface ::com::sun::star::container::XNameAccess supported by service GroupAccess to allow changing values. This strongly overlaps with functionality available through PropertyHierarchy (from GroupAccess), so that xGroup.setPropertyValue( aName, aValue ) is equivalent to xGroup.replaceByName( aName, aValue ).

Changes can be observed by registering a listener with interface ::com::sun::star::beans::XPropertySet or ::com::sun::star::beans::XMultiPropertySet.

Elements of this group may be replaced only if they are of simple type. The type returned by ::com::sun::star::container::XElementAccess::getElementType() must not be an interface type. Replacing whole subtrees is not supported.

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