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unpublished struct PropertyPutArgument
Usage Restrictions
not published
contains a value that is used as argument in a "property put" operation on a Automation object.

If a Automation object is converted into a UNO object by a scripting bridge, such as BridgeSupplier, then it is accessed through the ::com::sun::star::script::XInvocation interface. The methods ::com::sun::star::script::XInvocation::setValue and ::com::sun::star::script::XInvocation::getValue are used to access properties which do not have additional arguments. To access a property with additional arguments, the method ::com::sun::star::script::XInvocation::invoke has to be used. The method implementation must decide, if the property is to be written or read so it can perform the proper operation on the Automation object. To make this decision, the caller has to provide the information if the current call is intended to be a write or read operation. This is done by providing either instances of PropertyPutArgument or ::PropertyGetArgument as arguments to ::com::sun::star::script::XInvocation::Invoke.

OOo 1.1.2

Elements' Summary
Value contains the actual argument.  
Elements' Details
any Value;
contains the actual argument.
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