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interface XIntrospection
allows the inspection of an object's properties and methods.

Important note:An object can only be inspected completely if it supports the ::com::sun::star::lang::XTypeProvider interface.

For details see method inspect.

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Methods' Summary
inspect inspects the given object.  
Methods' Details
inspect( [in] any  aObject );

inspects the given object.

It identifies all properties supported by the object if they are represented in one of the following ways:

property set
If the object supports an XPropertySet interface, all its properties are adopted.
All of an object's attributes are considered as properties with same name. If an attribute is read-only, the property also is read-only.
get/set methods
Every method RetType getX() defines a property where "X" stands for the property name and "RetType" for its type. The method must not have any parameters, or there is no property access method and "X" has no property. If there is also a method void setX( [in] RetType ), the property "X" also allows write access; otherwise it is read-only.
Important note:
If an object implements ::com::sun::star::container::XNameAccess, the items that can be accessed are not considered as properties of the object and so are not included in the property list offered by XIntrospectionAccess::getProperties(). ::com::sun::star::container::XNameAccess items have to be accessed separately by XIntrospectionAccess::getNameAccess().

In addition, the inspect method identifies all listener access methods in the form add...Listener/ remove...Listener (except methods of interface XPropertySet) where "..." stands for the listener type.

Methods which do not belong to a property nor which represent a listener access nor which are methods of XPropertySet, ::com::sun::star::container::XNameAccess, ::com::sun::star::container::XIndexAccess, or ::com::sun::star::container::XEnumerationAccess, are considered to be normal methods.

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