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Branches and Their Descriptions

The following page describes the various names that we use for and the abilities of those branches. This list is not meant to be comprehensive it is just a quick snapshot.

childworkspace (cws) branches

List of Current Active branches

Branch (tag)






cws_ooo300_aquavcl01 Mac specific for 3.0 release
Open Developer CVS
Apple remote control support (3.1 target release)


All branches support the following platforms:

All branches support the following compilers:

Active branches for developers on the bleeding edge

This is the area for the brave and experienced developers. These branches are open for creating the next feature set. They are always flaky and almost never build without adding patches. You have been warned.

Bleeding Edge branches

CVS tag Description


Type Mac OS
mws_ooo300 Master workspace for OOO300 cws (3.0 codeline) Stable Master Yes
Master workspace for DEV300 cws (3.x codeline) Under development
Master Yes

Archived Builds

This is just a tracking for those that are looking up the mailing lists.

Archived branches

CVS tag Description Type
mws_ooo300 3.0.x
mws_ooh680 2.4.x
cws_src680_ooo20040704 Ongoing Version 2.0 fixes (0620 not integrated) Developer
cws_src680_ooo20040815 Ongoing Version 2.0 fixes and patches Developer
cws_src680_gcc340fixes01 cws for first round of gcc 3.4 fixes Developer
cws_srx645_ooo113fix2 Preparing for 1.1.3 release Stable
cws_src680_ooo20040509 Ongoing Version 2.0 fixes Developer
cws_src680_ooo680 cws developer build including source and solver tar balls Developer
cws_src680_ooo20040329 ongoing Version 2 fixes Developer
cws_srx645_ooo111fix3 final for 1.1.1 Release Stable
cws_src680_ooo20031216 Clean up warnings, Windows compiler release Developer
cws_fix645_ooo111fix2 fixes for 1.1.1 Release Stable
cws_srx645_ooo111fix1 fixes for 1.1.1 Release Stable
cws_src680_ooo20031110 early development for 2.0 Developer/QA
OOO_STABLE_1 Bugfix release OOo 1.0.x Stable

Developers branch

A developers branch is where most hacking is done. This has the most open policy for applying patches and it is typically where new features are developed and debugged.

The good side to this is that you have the latest features, the down side is that you get the side effects of the changes. We don't discourage you from working here but you can expect problems at times.

Developer releases are merged back to stable on a semi regular basis. All features migrated to stable must be exactly that.

Stable branch

A stable branch is base for a release build of the product. This is where bug fix tracking takes place. The policy on these branches are to fix functional errors only.

The good side is that any patches are more thoroughly vetted before going into a stable release therefore you have fewer mystery bugs. The downside is that there are fewer features and some bug fixes are already in the developer release.

Master workspace branch

This branch, with the name mws_srxNNN, is the place where work from developers is integrated into the main codeline. Developers work in child workspaces with names cws_srxNNN_workspace_Name, and this work is then merged into the corresponding master workspace. Developer snapshots are released from this branch at regular intervals.

Porting branch

This is where a lot of porting to new platforms occurs. There are few features added in these branches and sometimes they are very outdated in terms of functionality as a port needs some stability so that they are not solving new problems but working to an end goal together.

Features that are added are to help support that platform for example adding a new way of calling windowing functions for example coding Mac OS aqua calls instead of X windows calls.

This is a branch used for platforms that are not yet part of the official release platforms, including Mac OSX, Irix, Linux s390.

Some platforms have problems with the gcc version 3 compilers, for example Irix and Mac. Please investigate the respective porting pages before trying anything.

Related information

Tinderbox build

A tinderbox build can be any one of the above branch types. It is executed repeatedly on your machine. This ensures that the particular branch is working on all platforms that it is supposed to work on.

The reason that a build may break on a branch is that a developer committed a patch that did not take into account another platforms. A patch that works fine on windows but breaks a Linux build and vice versa.

Comments and updates

This document is a work in progress, any comments Martin Hollmichel

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