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These charts use the SIMILE Timeplot widget and are based on the data series contained in this data file. The data in that file based on download statistics gathered by SourceForge (the host of our downloads) and exposed by them through their Download Stats API. The data is collected and aggregated by a Python script.

The download figures are for full-install downloads of Apache OpenOffice downloaded via SourceForge. This does not include downloads of language packs, SDK's or source tarballs. It does not include downloads of earlier versions of or downloads made from copies of OpenOffice hosted on other repositories.

Note: This is a download count, not a user count. These are related, but not identical concepts, since a single user can download multiple copies of OpenOffice, or a single download might be shared with multiple users or installed on several machines.

These charts are not live. The data is manually updated. Data on the edges of the chart may represent data for partial days.

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