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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.6 released

Defects: Found and Fixed

Cumulative Defects, found and fixed per month

This chart shows the cumulative number of defects reported in Apache OpenOffice, as well as the cummulative number of bugs fixed. These numbers are extracted from our Bugzilla issue tracking database, using this query for the find numbers, and this one for the fix numbers. The query may be edited to adjust the date range. We set the start date to 2011-06-01 (the start of the Apache Openoffice project) and the end date for the date of the report.

You may note that initially more defects were fixed than found. This is not an error. The Bugzilla database contains many defect reports from the legacy project, defects that were reported before 2011-06-01 and which are being fixed in addition to the newly reported defects.

This chart is updated per month.

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