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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15 Draw Specifications

Name Description Author Version Target Date
Format Menu Impress and Draw The structure and terminology of the Format menu in OOo2.0 Impress and Draw is consistent with OOo Writer and Calc and matches competitive applications. Matthias Müller-Prove

Specifications for 2.3

Draw&Impress HTML export Specification to add support for PNG in draw & impress HTMP export Christian Lippka Draft 2.3 5/18/2007

Specifications for 2.x

Alternative text for layers Specification to add support for svg:title and svg:desc of the Oasis v1.1 format to layers in OOo Draw Christian Lippka Draft 2.x 5/21/2007

Specifications for 3.0

OrgChart Component Specification of an OrgChart component for OOo Draw made by Matthew P. Eisenbraun for Google's summer of code project Matthew P. Eisenbraun Draft 3.0 7/11/2005
Graphic cropping Specification of an interactive graphic cropping feature Christian Lippka Draft 3.0 2/20/2008

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