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IZ Search Tips


New issues posted for the current month or today.

Take a look at the "Untouched" issues that are linked at:

You can also try searching IZ with:

Issue Type set to “Defect”

Status set to “Unconfirmed

Where the field(s) is set to “[Issue Creation]

Dates set to the current date. For example, 2002-11-10 could be a valid entry. Leave the To field as is ( should be set to “now” ).


Follow up on unconfirmed defect issues with the “oooqa” keyword.

Ideally, start with the oldest “oooqa” issues and work your way to the most current.

If the issue is older than 3 weeks and the issue does not follow the guidelines listed in the “How you can help?” page leave a comment to the user indicating you are closing the issue for now, but if they can provide more information to help reproduce the issue, they can reopen the issue at their convenience.

Try searching IZ with only the following fields set:

Keywords set to “oooqa

Make sure the option “all of the listed keywords are set” is selected.

Limit the search to either a particular time frame. You can set this option using the “Where the field(s)” field based on the “Issue creation” option.


Close out issues reported against versions of OOo that are no longer current.

Do a quick check to see if the issue is verifable.

If the issue cannot be verified, send a message to the user to see if upgrading to the latest version of resolves the issue.

If upgrading to the latest version resolves the problem, close the issue.

If the upgrade does not resolve the problem follow the OOo QA “How you can help?” guidelines.

Try searching IZ with:

Issue type set to “Defect

Status set to “Unconfirmed

and the




fields set to your choice.

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