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How to start...
Contributing is easy as 1,2,3!

Welcome to the Quality Assurance of!
Contributing and helping in a large project like OOo is simpler than you think.... The first thing is to register as an user. You can do so on the Register page.

Supporting the Quality Assurance of is graduated in 3 Participation Steps:
  1. The first participation step (""Report bugs") is meant for newbies to acquire general knowledge about issues in common. Participants on the first stage are able to find and write issues themselves. The link holds all the information you need to know for starting to contribute.
  2. The second step ("Manual testing") is meant for participants with more skills. You are able to do manual testing on your own. You can execute and write Test-Case-Specifications (TCS) and submit issues found when dealing with Test-Case-Specifications.
    The page contains all information needed to contribute to the second participation step.
  3. In the third participation step ("Join QA") you can apply to join the QA Team of OOo at one of the "OOoQA-Teamleads". You have now collected enough knowledge about issue handling to confirm issues and close them by yourself. Having reached this stage of participation brings a lot of advantages: you have direct contact to the StarOffice/ developers and Quality Assurance engineers, you will get listed as a direct member of the Quality Assurance Team, you will be able to send own issue right to the responsible engineer, you get direct responsibility, more rights (like "canconfirm") and more weight in decisions.

3 Steps of Participation
by Wolfram Garten
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