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Released: Apache OpenOffice 4.1.15
Team Lead: Marc Neumann

QA Database - Responsibilities

Marc Neumann
(MSC) Team Lead - Expert in Database Topics & Automation - Language(s): Engl./Germ.
Mechtilde Stehmann
(mechtilde) Team Member - Expert in MySQL on Debian and beyond & Docu Coordinator - Language(s): Engl./Germ.
Alex Thurgood
(wurzel) Team Member - Expert in PostgreSQL/MySQL on Linux, Mac and beyond - Language(s): Engl./Fren./Germ.
Kirill Palagin
(kpalagin) Team Member - Testing on HSQL under Win. & Lin. - Language(s): Engl./Russ.
Simon Wilper
(SimonAW) Team Member - Testing on PostgreSQL under Win. & Docu Coordinator - Language(s): Engl./Germ.
Zoltán Reizinger
(r4zoli) Team Member - Testing SRB & beyond under Win. & Lin. - Laguage(s): /Engl./Hun./Russ.

Revision: 2.00

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