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Apache OpenOffice 4.1.6 released

Technical Overview of Porting

Port status

Porting Status for Various Operating Systems

Ports in Development People working on it Status
Linux PPC Eric Bachard and Rene Engelhard Complete
Linux Sparc Jim Watson Complete
Linux x86_64 Jan Holesovsky Complete
Linux PPC64 Caolán McNamara Complete
Linux MIPS (el) lemote and Sunil Amitkumar Janki Complete
Linux MIPS (eb) Caolán McNamara Complete
Linux ARM (oabi) Peter Naulls, Scott Hutinger and Tak-Shing Chan. Complete
Linux ARM (eabi) Caolán McNamara Complete
Linux IA64 Caolán McNamara Complete
Linux zSeries Caolán McNamara Complete
Linux S/390 Gerhard Tonn Complete
Linux HPPA (PA-RISC) Caolán McNamara Complete
Linux m68k Caolán McNamara Complete
FreeBSD Martin Blapp and Nakata Maho Complete (QA needed)
IRIX Nick Blievers Obsolete, removed from OOo 3.3 code base
NetBSD/i386 Michael Rauch In development (Stalled)
NetBSD/sparc Michael Rauch In development (Stalled)
Tru64 Yi Wang In development (Stalled)
VMS Ton van der Zwet and Martin Borgman In development (Stalled)
OS/2 Jochen Schaefer and Brian Smith Completed
HP/UX Peter Van Nieuwenhoven In development - help wanted in bridges code
AIX Ken Foskey In development but slow
BeOS ?????? Unknown

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