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News 2003-10: October


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2003-10: October
The Age releases new version
Proving once again that The Age is a fine journal, the "online staff" report on the release of 1.1and go on to interview's Melbourne representative Gordon Staines. A fresh view, worth reading. Renews Battle for Productivity Suite
Thor Olavsrud writes a fresh and interesting article on the release of 1.1.
InfoWorld OpenOffice releases final version of 1.1
Joris Evers, IDG News Service, reports on the release of 1.1 and its releation to StarOffice. Widely distributed.
c|net OpenOffice update finalized
In a widely distributed article, David Becker writes on the release, what it means, and why it is important.
Newsfactor Foot in the Door for Open Source?
Michael Y. Park writes an interesting article on the release of 1.1, what it says about open-source software and its potential, and the utlimate target. Worth reading.
eWeek Launches Update, Defines Version 2.0
Matt Hicks reports on the new release of 1.1 and on the potential of 2.0.

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