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News 2003-08: August


The following articles represent a selection of those pertaining to, Open Source, or the general IT industry that may be of interest to the community. If you would like to share an article with the community, please send the link to Louis Suárez-Potts, Editor, at

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2003-08: August
NewsForge Why offshore IT outsourcing can't be stopped
Robin Miller of NewsForge writes on the outsourcing trend. An interesting if personal take on the issue. Of monkeys and penguins
An interesting and clear description of the SCO/Linux debate. Worth reading.
CNETAsia Open source has "strategic role": M'sia
Ricardo Cesar reports on the initiatives in Brazil to move to using OSS.
LinuxWorld Australia Brazilian parliament to adopt free software
"The Malaysian government has reaffirmed its support for the use and development of open-source software, saying that it has a 'strategic role'."
Business Standard Should the government adopt open-source technology?
Javed Tapia, Director (India) for Red Hat, weighs in on the debate, "Should the government adopt open-source technology?" Worth reading.
KDE.News Kastle 2003: KOffice Developers' Meeting Report
In which KOffice decides to switch to the OASIS file format used by
c|net Patent battle to culminate in Brussels
Matthew Broersma reports on the planned Web demonstration scheduled "to coincide with a real-life protest in Brussels, Belgium, on Wednesday." Among those participating are many of's Native-Lang Projects.
The Register Mac OpenOffice 'delay' debunked
Andrew Orlowski interviews Dan Williams, one of the primary developers of the Mac OS X (X11) port of to get the real story on what the putative "delay." Worth reading. (If you can help with the Mac port, contact us.)
The Register IT jobs under threat from WTO deal
Tim Richardson reports that, "The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has urged IT contractors "not to panic" amid concerns that World Trade Organisation (WTO) negotiations to be held next month could result in the opening-up of the UK's employment market to cheaper overseas workers." Worth reading.
NewsFactor And Now, Mad Hatter Linux
James Maguire analyzes Sun's new endeavor, Mad Hatter. Curious about what it is? "In September, Sun will launch Mad Hatter, its Linux desktop suite designed to use low price and easy configurability to penetrate the desktop market." Worth reading.
The Washington Post The Quiet War Over Open-Source
Jonathan Kim writes an interesting article for those new to Open Source on the battles engaging the movement. Worth reading
The Register Long wait for Mac OS X OpenOffice
Andrew Orlowski reports on the stated delay in producing an Aqua-native version of Worth reading.
AlwaysOn Jonathan Schwartz is Howling
A vigorous article by EVP of Software at Sun Jonathan Schwartz on the practical liabilities of using Microsoft software, the point being that just as in ecology, a monoculture suffers when presented with a parasite, in this case, the various worms and virii besetting MS software.
c|net Rockin' on without Microsoft
In an interesting article, David Becker examines how Ernie Ball, Sterling Ball's music company, has thrived since junking proprietary software and using Open Source versions, including Worth reading.
LinuxToday Oregon Open Source Bill Pushes Forward
Brian Proffitt, Managing Editor, writes on the state of Oregon Open Source bill. "According to Cooper Stevenson, coordinator of the Mid-Willamette Valley LUG and staunch supporter of the bill, the legislation will be heard in a public Senate committee hearing on Thursday, August 21." Stay tuned.
NewsForge Open Asia: Variety of distros energize the continent
In the latest of his series on Open Source in Asia, Frederick Noronha discusses the variety of distributors in the region.
FSF SCO Scuttles Sense, Claiming GPL Invalidity
Eben Moglen, one of the leading legal minds on Open Source, weighs in with his views on the SCO issue. Worth reading.
ZDNet Australia China blocks foreign software use in gov't.
The staff of ZDNET AU report that, "A new policy by China's governing body the State Council will rule that all ministries have to buy only locally-produced software at the next upgrade cycle."
Brazzil Brazil: Microsoft, Go Home
"Brazil believes that free software is an excellent tool for the democratization of knowledge, foreign currency savings, and the optimization of institutional investments and costs. The model also offers perspectives for Brazilian industries to research, create, and develop new free software programs." For information on in Brazil, see our BR project.
Open For Business GNU Questions: RMS on SCO, Distributions, DRM
Timothy Butler interviews Free Software genius Richard Stallman (RMS). Worth reading.
Reuters Low-Cost Linux Gaining on Microsoft in India
Anshuman Daga reports on the politics of Linux's ascendancy in India. For information on in Indian languages, see our Hindi Project.
LinuxWorld SYS-CON Radio interviews Louis Suarez-Potts
2003-08-07 Community Manager Louis Suarez-Potts is interviewed on by LinuxWorld's Kevin Bedell.
InternetNews Sun Shines on Complete Linux Desktop
Susan Kuchinskas reports on Sun EVP Jonathan Schwartz's keynote address at the recent San Francisco Linux World Expo. Worth reading.
InternetNews Q&A: Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems
Erin Joyce interviews Sun's VP of software Jonathan Schwartz on Mad Hatter and on Sun's software policies. Worth reading.
c|net Sun pragmatic about open-source software
Stephen Shankland reports on Sun's open-source strategy and pragmatism. Worth reading. (Also many mentions of
The Register GPL goes to court
Andrew Orlowski, whose Brit wit and sharp intelligence make many of The Reg's articles so worth reading writes on SCO, the GPL, and much else. Worth reading.
NewsForge Open Source is good for the Philippine economy
Victor Serafica explains why open-source software and technology is good for the Philippine economy. A clear and useful argument that examines the advantages of moving away from the present system to FLOSS.
NewsForge LinuxWorld wrapup: Bigger, better, and more boring than eve
Robin "Roblimo" Miller writes on this year's big industry bash for Linux, Linux World SF.
eWeek 'Maddog' Bullish on Open Source
An interesting interview with John "Maddog" Hall, noted open-source advocate.
c|net Advocates form open-source trade group
Lisa M. Bowman reports that, "A new trade group is on the horizon for open-source advocates hoping to dispel myths about the software and drive its adoption."
c|net SuSE Linux gets security credentials
Stephen Shankland reports that "Software seller SuSE Linux and server maker IBM have obtained a crucial security certification that will make the Linux operating system an option for demanding military and government customers, the companies announced Tuesday."
OSDL Newsroom Sun Joins OSDL; Strengthens Commitment to the Open-Source Community and Driving Open Standards
In a press release, the "Open Source Development Lab (OSDL), a global consortium of leading technology companies dedicated to accelerating the adoption of Linux, today announced that Sun Microsystems has joined OSDL to help drive the development of open-standard software including Linux and to lend its expertise in the data center and carrier-grade markets. Through its membership with OSDL, Sun will participate in both the Carrier Grade Linux and Data Center Linux working groups to help advance the use of the Linux operating system and its functionality in the enterprise and telecommunications environments."
Computerworld Study: Linux nears Windows XP usability
John Blau writes that "Researchers studied how easily users could perform tasks using the two operating systems." Evidently, Linux is now easy to use.
The Register Sun and SuSE admit they like each other
A characteristically trenchant account of Sun's friendly relationship with SuSe.

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